Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Book Bingo!

The patterns are being bingoed! There some appliqué patterns, but most of them are red work. Anyone interested in red work should check out Book Bingo on June 3rd. I am also putting some older video tapes in the bingo pile. Most of the tapes have not gone out in seven years! Nevertheless, these might be of interest to beginning quilters. We have a lot of good books, but many are not going out—so I am sending some to the bingo pile. As always, donations are welcome; what the library doesn’t need we will bingo.
For those new to Book Bingo, the bingo sheets have a bunch of quilt related words which you fill in the squares with. Then, when I call out a word, you put an X in that box. The center box has a free X. A row of Xs wins you your choice of book (or pattern or tape). Bingo is a fun way to move what is free anyway and you could get something neat!


Monday, May 25, 2009

Barbara Van Hanegen

Barbara Van Hanegen's husband passed away yesterday, Sunday the 24th of cancer. There are no calling hours but she & family are receiving friends & families at their home on Waddell Road, Clifton Springs. I'm sure Barb would appreciate a phone call or a card.